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About Me

Everything you need to know 

The Big Sister Mission

Nothing describes me better than this: big sister.

Since my little sister was born, my n1 priority has been engaging and entrataining  her with epic stories, fun facts, incredible realities...


Now that she is older she can find things for herself...


And I feel this impellent need to share my discoveries and  my insight, as a good big sister would do, but this time with whoever will have the patience of reading my stories.

The Big Sister Vision

My Vision is calm and reassuring.

I hope that anyone reading this blog, will find somehow peace in the stories and messages it containes. 


I hope you will feel understood and welcomed for who you are, indipendently of anything you or people around you think of yourself.

May this be a comforting place to realize that the world is ours to conquer, in any shape and form we vision it to be 

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